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General Description

With the function "Dashboards and Templates," the web visualization "GridVis Web" ("Ultimate" edition) makes it possible to individually design a website for the visualization of energy and measurement data. So e.g. a GridVis user can easily adapt the layout of the energy and measurement data visualizations to match the CI of a company.


Before starting to create a dashboard or template, consider its use!
If one and the same layout should be reused to visualize different measuring devices (and measurement values), use the function "Templates."
For a one-time visualization of energy and measurement data from different measuring devices, use the function "Dashboards."

Dashboards can be assigned to users and personalized. Energy data such as consumed energy, load profiles and other measurement data can be transparently and helpfully visualized and evaluated generally. There are various widgets (graphical components for functions) available for configuring the dashboard.

Templates are for the reuse of saved dashboards. templates shorten the configuration time for your energy and measurement data visualizations. The configuration of the dashboards for multiple measuring devices is made more efficient through the use of templates and the web visualizations appear "of one piece" (the same layouts).



How do I open the function "Dashboards and Templates" in the GridVis Web?

  1. In the menu bar, click on the button "Dashboards."
  2. In the menu bar, click on the button "Navigation" and the menu entry "Dashboards"in the drop-down menu.



The function "Dashboards" contains the editors for the "Dashboards" and the "Templates":

Fig.: Drop-down menu "Management" > "Scheduling"



DashboardIndividually designed website (web visualization / graphical interface) for displaying your energy and measurement data.
TemplateFor the reuse of a saved dashboard.
WidgetsGraphical components for functions that are positioned and configured on the dashboard.


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