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Valid for

"Time Management > Time points" is included in the GridVis editionsSoftware platform

"Time Management > Time periods" is included in the GridVis editionsSoftware platform




General description

In the "Time Management" function, you configure "Time points" and "Time periods" for further actions and functions such as

  • Automatic reading (time points).
  • Resetting (time points).
  • Generation of reports (time points).
  • Database actions (time points).
  • Alarm management (time periods).
  • Tariff formation (time periods).
  • Key figures (time periods).


Only users with the requisite authorisation (e.g. administrator rights) are authorised to configure time plans (time points and time periods).


How do I open the function “Time Management” in GridVis Web?

  1. Click in the navigation bar on the “Navigation ” button.
  2. You will find the "Time Management" function in the drop-down menu under "Administration".

Please note:

The configuration of the functions "Time Management", "Time points" and "Time periods" takes place identically in GridVis Web (Energy) and GridVis Desktop and is effective on the other platform respectively:

Fig.: Drop-down menu "Administration" > "Time Management"


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