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Short-term interruptions, overcurrents and transients can impair electrical systems and electronic components. If something goes wrong, finding the cause or source of the error quickly and safely is critical.

As part of GridVis software, the Event Browser provides you with a quick overview through graphical analyses of recorded events and transients. 

You will obtain an overview of the functions of the GridVis Event Browser on this page.


To analyze events and transients in the Event Browser, configure the recording settings of your measurement devices accordingly.


Call up

  • You reach the Event Browser in the GridVis Energy via the navigation menu and in the GridVis Desktop via the Event Browser icon in the toolbar. 
  • When you first open it, you are automatically taken to the device selection. The device selection lists all devices available in your projects that can record events and transients.
  • After selecting the devices, the Event Browser opens in the List view

Aufruf des Event Browser in der GridVis Desktop

Fig. 1: Calling Event Browser in GridVis Desktop

Aufruf des Event Browser in der GridVis Energy

Fig. 2: Calling Event Browser in GridVis Energy


Event and transients list

Fig. 3: List view of the Event Browser

The key element of the Event Browser is a list of all the events and transients available for the corresponding parameters. Which transients and events are displayed here depends on the following parameters:

  • Selected devices
  • Period of time
  • Activated filters 

The following table lists the basic controls and provides an introduction to working with the Event Browser:

Adjust the devices that are taken into account.
Temporarily filter the list by device name.
Adjust the period of time.

Combinable filterselection for:

  • Event/transient types
  • Phases
  • Projects

Submenu view with the actions:

  • Switch between List view and CBEMA curve (for all integrated devices)
  • Show/hide the statistics
  • Group the list (e.g., by simultaneous events/transients)
  • Adjust the visualization of event and transient duration

Clicking on a list element opens a detailed overview:

  • Effective value or waveform representation of the event/transient. Depends on element and device configuration.
  • Sidebar with configuration options of the chart (e.g., phase selection and CBEMA curve)

Table 1: Operational options in Home view of Event Browser



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