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   Profile (User settings - Service and Ultimate Edition)

The "Profile" (User settings) dialogue field is available in the Service and Ultimate Edition. In the "Profile" (User settings) dialogue field the user who is presently logged in changes their own settings (incl. language, name or password). The system accepts a change immediately.


  • The settings in the "Profile" dialogue field can only be changed by a user with the requisite access rights (apart from password). Further information can be found under "User management".
  • The Service Edition only permits changes to the "admin" user profile. This Service Edition does not have other users!


Keep username and password safe! Without access data, only the "admin" user can implement changes!



The user interfaces and scope of functions differ depending on the edition of GridVis that you are using (Service, Ultimate)!

Menu -> Settings -> Profile (User settings)

 Icon Short textDescription
1"Back" and "Help"


  • Step back
  • Direct Help

User name

  • The user name is the login name and system name
  • The name is displayed with an icon on the right in the navigation bar

You require a user name and the password to log into the system!

  • Edit the "name"
  • The system adopts the "name" ("Add user") assigned in the "User management".


Store an email address in the system.

Start dashboard


The start dashboard appears

  • After logging in
  • If the user clicks on the "Home" button () in the navigation bar

If no start dashboard has been selected, the "landing page" (start page) appears after logging in or if the user clicks on the "Home" button.



Change password.


  • This password is protected and cannot be accessed
  • A user with an "admin" role cannot see the password, but is able to change it!
7 Repeat passwordPassword check.

Supported languages:

  • German
  • English


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