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New functions

Short textComponentAvailable as of

Editor for reports: Theming

With the Theming setting in the editor for reports, you configure graphic elements entirely according to the desired company CI. For example, standard colors, backgrounds, objects, headers, and font colors can be customized.


Editor for reports: Energy values and measured values table (new table object)

The new table object can be used for energy values and measured values. With the new object it is possible to design own tables and to display consumptions or average values, MIN. or MAX values numerically over a period of time.


Measured value analysis in WEB - live values

  • From now on, in addition to the historical values, live values can also be called up directly in the measured value analysis.
  • Polling time and display period can be set directly on the graph. This allows precise control of how often a measured value is retrieved and how long the measured values are displayed. The user can now quickly and easily look at the current status of the measured values and get a quick overview.

Live valuesStandard, Expert

One installation file for the GridVis® desktop and the service

  • The installation of the GridVis® desktop and the GridVis® service (which runs in the background of the GridVis® software) can now be performed with only one installation file.
  • The GridVis® service can be installed multiple times on a server (PC), e.g. to share the load in larger projects. Independent services can thus be assigned to the projects.
InstallationEssential, Standard, Expert

Editor for reports

Create reports according to your own specifications.

  • The user can create reports with their own layout, content and design.
  • Graphical elements (objects) with measured values, pictures and drawings can be placed freely: Line chart, bar chart, pie chart, numerical values, text fields, pictures.
  • Layout pages offer the possibility to create templates. Templates considerably reduce the amount of work involved in creating reports. Layout pages are created once and can be filled with measurement data from different measuring devices.
  • Clear and intuitive functions such as page navigation, object list (layers) and object settings
  • Clear display and selection of possible objects (object library)
  • Many more useful functions will follow in the next releases.


Manage data exports and reports on the web

Direct access to created reports & data exports (e.g. pdf) on the WEB!

  • Create, edit or remove reports.
  • Open created reports & data exports (e.g. pdf) directly in the browser.


Standard, Expert, Service, Ultimate

Extensions in the new graph function in the "WEB"

Useful graph function for quick measured value analysis

  • The new graph function in the WEB now offers the possibility to display measured values from several devices in one graph. In addition, measured values can be pinned in the sidebar. The pin function, in conjunction with the device selection (top of the picture), allows the user to quickly compare measured values from several measurement points.
  • Settings are saved user-related and are available for later access.
  • New setting options for measured values: scaling, decimal place, drawing method, value type (average, MIN and MAX values)
  • Aggregated display of measured values. With this new function, daily, weekly or monthly values can be generated from the measurement data and displayed in the graph.


Standard Expert

Event Browser - CVS export

Export high-resolution measurement data directly into CSV format!

  • Events & transients can be exported directly from the graph in CSV format.

Data export

Standard, Expert, 
Service, Ultimate

 Optimizations and bug fixes (Change Log)

Short textComponentSubjectVersion

Bug fixes device swapDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.45

Bug fixes UMG 801: Duplicated modules and measurement groups correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.45

Bug fixes UMG 801: Recording gaps correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.45

Function upgrade installer: One Installer for the GridVis® desktop and the GridVis® serviceInstallerGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.45

Function upgrade WEB graph: Live valuesGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.45

Function upgrade: Windows certificates are supportedSystemGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.45

Bug fixes UMG 96-PA-MID+: Opening of device configuration correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.45

Function upgrade device configuration on the web: Save hint when leaving the pageDevicesGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: Print functionGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: Display of absolute measured valuesGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA: Set valuesDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.40

Function upgrade dashboards: Set dashboard groups via autocompletionDashboardsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade CSV data import: Copying of data imports in GridVis®Data export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.40

Function upgrade REST API: Query of device firmwareDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.40

Functional adjustment License Server: Email notification for new editionsLicense serverGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade installer: New GridVis® Multi-InstallerInstallerGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: Adjusting line thickness and fill colorGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: Display of absolute measured valuesGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: PDF outputGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade report editor: New object - energy values and measured values tableReport editorGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade report editor: Object extension - dynamic textsReport editorGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: PNG, JPEG and SVG exportGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: PDF outputGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: Improved time period selection and displayGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Function upgrade WEB graph: CSV exportGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.40

Bug fixes workload report: reports completion under certain configuration correctedData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.22

Bug fixes Janitza-ID: Sporadic problems with login correctedID ServerGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.21

Bug fixes and improvement: Scaling of generic Modbus profileGeneric ModbusGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Bug fixes data exports: edit and delete correctedData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Bug fixes: Editing of the time scheduling of a database action with active Active Directory corrected DatabasesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Bug fixes RCM data export: Double device display with certain configurations correctedData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Function upgrade report editor: run reports based on schedulesReport editorGridVis®-Web8.0.21

Function upgrade report editor: New object - frames & linesReport editorGridVis®-Web8.0.21

Function upgrade report editor: Theming - customization of report editor graphical elements (CI)Report editorGridVis®-Web8.0.21

Function upgrade report editor: Link to the latest report and data export availableData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Function upgrade data export: Power quality report according to EN50160:2020Data export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Function adjustment device configuration: Pre- and post-trigger times in event configuration adjusted (seconds display)DevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.21

Bug fixes RCM report: RCM variables generic Modbus device & RCM202/201 correctedData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.20

UI modification: Renaming "Custom Triggers" to "Event TriggersConfigurationGridVis®-Desktop8.0.20

Function upgrade UMG 801: User defined recording configurationDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.20

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA / PQ-L: Recording configuration in web UIDevicesGridVis®-Web8.0.20

Function upgrade report editor: Keyboard shortcuts extendedData export/reportsGridVis®-Web8.0.20

Function upgrade UMG 512: Display of LL transients in graph correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.20

Bug fixes UMG 96 PA-MID+: Energy calculation MID+ correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.5

Bug fixes Database actions: Scheduling DB actions correctedDatabaseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.4

Bug fixes UMG 96-PA-MID+: Status with MID+ measured values correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.4

Bug fixes Licensing: Proxy server with login correctedLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.4

Bug fixes Licensing: Inactive readout correctedLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.4

Bug fixes topology: May be sporadically disabledTopologyGridVis®-Desktop8.0.4

Bug fixes timestamp: ZSG reportData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.4

Function upgrade WEB graph: Energy values and measured values can be aggregated to fixed time periodsGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.4

Function upgrade UMG 512: New checkbox for event triggers in the configuration of the UMG 512 "Recording of all events in COMTRADE format".DevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.4

Function upgrade WEB graph: Optimized tooltip & legendGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.4

Function upgrade WEB graph: "Automatic" mode for recording densityGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.4

Function upgrade device overview in WEB: Firmware and MAC address can be added as a columnDevice overviewGridVis®-Web8.0.4

Function upgrade WEB graph: Setting of the scalingGraphsGridVis®-Web8.0.4

Bug fixes license portal: Janitza ID login correctedLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.3

Bug fixes disabled topologiesTopologyGridVis®-Desktop8.0.3

Bug fixes licensing: Corrected proxy server with loginLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.3

Bug fixes Timestamp: CLP ReportData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.3

Bug fixes licensing: Inactive reading correctedLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.3

Bug fixes  UMG 96-PA-MID+: Status corrected for MID+ measured valuesDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.3

Function upgrade WEB graph: Measured value aggregation for fixed periods of timeGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.3

Function upgrade WEB graph: Optimized tooltip & coverGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.3

Function upgrade WEB graph: Recording densityGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.3

Function upgrade WEB device overview: Extension by the firmware and MAC address columnsDevicesGridVis®-Web8.0.3

Function upgrade WEB graph: New "scale" setting for WEB graph functionGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.3

Bug fixes picture libraryDashboard / image libraryGridVis®-Web8.0.2

Bug fixes login WEB UI: Corrections when restarting the serviceGridVis®-ServiceGridVis®-Web8.0.2

Bug fixes utilization reportData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.2

Bug fixes last recording in device listDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.2

Function upgrade WEB graph: Drawing method settingsGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.2

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA-MID+ ab FW >3.0: Additional measurement valuesDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.2

Function upgrade WEB graph: Value type selection MIN, MAX, SVGGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.2

Function change UMG 96-PA / UMG 96-PQ-L: No longer support for the "Automatic baud rate" setting in Modbus gateway operationDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.2

Bug fixes generic modbus profilesGeneric ModbusGridVis®-Desktop8.0.1

Bug fixes Licensing: Google LoginLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.1

Function upgrade WEB graph: pin function for measurementsGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.1

Function upgrade WEB graph: device multi selectionGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.1

Function upgrade WEB graph: Settings after the decimal pointGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.1

Bug fixes UMG 801: corrected device names for alarms and emailsDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.1

Bug fixes login WEB UI: Fixed sporadic problems when restarting the serviceGridVis®-ServiceGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Bug fixes UMG 801: Events and transients download correctedEvents and transientsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes CSV data import: Corrected energy calculation for minute valuesData importGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes CSV data import: High CPU workload with short time intervalsData importGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes UMG801: When the basic device is deactivated, duplicated modules correctedDevicesGridVis-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes License: Google loginLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function modification Online Recorder: Available in Standard EditionOnline recorderGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function modification license process: New license process is defaultLicenseGridVis®-Desktop / GridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function upgrade WEB graph: Aggregate energy and measured values over fixed periods of timeGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Bug fixes UMG 96PA(-MID): Corrected opening of the device's web configuration without a moduleDevicesGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function upgrade editor for reports: create userspecific reports, for Expert Edition availableData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes graph CSV export: Corrected export functionData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA series: Time zone settingsDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes devices: Display of the "Energy overview" legend correctedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade WEB device configuration: Device backup will be supportedConfigurationGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Bug fixes KPI: Corrected print representationKPIGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function upgrade WEB graph: pin function for measurements will be supportedGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function upgrade Dashboard: New resolution will be supported (8K, iPad)DashboardGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function upgrade WEB graph: Device multi selection will be supportedGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Bug fixes UMG 801: Synchronization of disabled Devices removedDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade data export: measurement export V2 - Selection start and end timeData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade UMG 801: Settings "digital input powervalue S0"DevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA-RCM-EL: Label for RCM status modulDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA series: aron curcuitDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes data export "ZSG-Report": Corrected detailed view of self-consumptionData export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes data export "ZSG-Report": Corrected deliberate subordination Data export/reportsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Bug fixes RCM 202-AB: Corrected display of firmwareDevicesGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function modification UMG 512: Event settingsEvents and transientsGridVis®-Desktop8.0.0

Function upgrade: New "scale" setting for WEB graph functionGraphGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Function upgrade: new "decimal place" setting in WEB graph function GraphGridVis®-Web8.0.0

Subject to technical changes.
The content, performance features and diagrams provided in the software description are not always reflective of the actual cases and will change, e.g. with the ongoing development of the software. The content has been compiled with the utmost care and is based on the latest information available to us. Errors cannot be excluded.
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