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The net visualization software GridVis® is a basic building block for energy management and voltage quality monitoring systems.
The net visualization software GridVis® is of central importance for the following topics:

  • Analysis and visualization of energy and measurement data for electrical voltage quality in energy management.
  • Interruption-free measurement of important measurement data.
  • Time-based identification of e.g. harmonics, voltage fluctuations or net failures.
  • Detection of insufficient voltage quality in time, decreases downtime and optimizes the use of operational resources.
  • Introduction of measures to improve energy efficiency based on analyses of load profiles and consumption.
  • Creation of framework conditions for company energy management systems (ISO 50001).
  • Software and hardware components ensure more transparency and reliable documentation of energy supply.
  • Energy management systems serve to support the economical, ecological and optimized use of energy in the company.




Detailed information on the functional diversity of the net visualization software GridVis® can be found in the information products on our website (under Products & Solutions > Software and IT Solutions > GridVis®)






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