We have reinstalled the Mini Enms app on UMG 508 (2201-4126) and we noticed that the slave meter’s connection red light will only turn green when there is load running on the slave meter.
The screenshot below indicates “slave 1” is without load, “slave 2” is running with load, thus slave 2 has a green light.  

  • Is this operation correct?   
  • The green light appears only when there is a load on the UMG96RM slave meter?
  • If yes, does it mean that the red colour does not imply the connection of UMG96RM (slave meter) to UMG 508?
  • Also we will not know whether the slave meter is communicated with the UMG 508 until there is a load.  

 Please advise.



Yes the customer is correct, the “red” light will show up when:

  • The values Current L1,L2,L3 and Power P and Power S all read-out as “0.00”
  • This can indeed occur under two circumstances
  • 1.: There is no connection (then the program will write “0” to all values except usage)
  • 2.: There is absolutely no “power flowing”

Yes the customer is correct.