Overview of GridVis® Range of Functions and Features:

  • Intuitive usability.
  • Program and administer measuring devices.
  • Configuration of measurement system and the UMG measuring devices.
  • Display measuring devices in topological views (configurable, graphical user interfaces with freely selectable registry levels).
  • Automatic or manual data read-out from the devices.
  • Graphical depiction of online measurement values and historical data.
  • Ready-made power quality report templates, e.g. for EN 50160 or EN 61000-2-4.
  • Alarm management and user administration.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Comprehensive export functions (e.g. to an Excel file).
  • APPs management (customer-specific applications, programming of customer-specific applications).
  • Storage of measurement value data in a database incl. database management (e.g. MySQL / MS SQL / Janitza DB).
  • Read out measurement values stored in the database and display them graphically.
  • Read out measurement values stored in the database and search them for transients and incidents.
  • Report generators for creating and configuring reports (energy costs and voltage quality).
  • Individually adjustable schedules (e.g. report generator).
  • Export and report dispatch via email.
  • Use of virtual devices (e.g. for adding values from several different devices).
  • Generic Modbus device for integrating “non-Janitza devices”.
  • Update the measurement device firmware


Depending on the measuring device and GridVis®edition being used, the range of functions will vary! You can find your measuring device’s range of functions in the respective user manual.


GridVis®-Function "Generic Modbus Device":
The online recordings of the measurement values for generic Modbus devices start working with GridVis and higher®-Edition "Service".