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project and system

create project(tick)(tick)         
open and close project(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)      
import and export project and device list(tick)(tick)(tick)        
edit project and system settings(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)      
access web interface(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) 
create project structure (e.g. add folder)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)  
view time planning(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)   (tick)(tick)  
create, update and delete time points and time periods(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)       
measurement data
online recording(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)       
remove measurement (database action)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)       
compressing of measurement (database action)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)       
delete and change device (database action)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)       
view device list (tick)(tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)(tick)  
create, edit and delete dashboards(tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)  (tick) (tick)  (tick)  
view dashboards(tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)(tick)
create, update and delete graphset(tick)  (tick)  (tick)  (tick) (tick)  (tick)  
open event browser(tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)  
view sankey manager(tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) 
create, update and delete sankey(tick)  (tick)  (tick)   (tick)  (tick)  
view KPI manager(tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) 
create, update and delete KPI(tick)  (tick)  (tick)   (tick)  (tick)  
device administration
edit device connection(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)     
update firmware(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)     
view device configuration(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)   
edit and transfer device configuration(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)     
delete energy values(tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)    
reset min, max and status values(tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)    
reset historical measurements(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)   
program device (Jasic)(tick) (tick)(tick) (tick)     
view data import(OPC, DI)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)  
create, update and remove data import(OPC, DI)(tick) (tick)(tick)  (tick) (tick)  
data export
view data export(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
create, update and remove data export(tick) (tick)(tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick)
user management
view users (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)   (tick)   
connect user management to project (tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)      
edit user data
 (tick) (tick)   (tick)      
remove user in user management (tick) (tick)   (tick)      
enable and manage Active Directory (tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)      
alarm management
view alarm configuration (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)  
create, update and delete alarm (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)   (tick)  
acknowledge alarm (tick) (tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)  (tick)