GridVis® is a scalable software solution available in the following editions:

GridVis® Basic -
Free basic versions

  • Included in the delivery of the measuring devices
  • Maximum of 5 devices
  • Comprehensive graphical display
  • Manual reports
  • Topology view
  • Janitza DB
GridVis® Professional

Like GridVis® Basic, but also includes:

  • Unlimited number of measuring devices
  • MySQL / MS-SQL - DB support
  • Automatic measuring device read-out
  • Virtual measuring devices
  • User administration (rights management)

Developed primarily for professionally automated systems.

GridVis® Service

Like GridVis® Professional, but also includes:

  • Service (for automatic recording of data in the background)
  • Online recording of the measurement data (also generic Modbus devices)
  • REST interface (external applications have access to the stored values)
  • Alarm management
GridVis® Ultimate

Like GridVis® Service, but also includes:

  • NEW: Web interface GridVis® Energy.
  • Expanded user administration.
  • Create your own dashboards and templates.
  • Widgets
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) evaluation
  • Sankey diagram for energy flow analysis
  • Overview of device with graphing function
  • Image administration


Software editions - Overview of GridVis license model

Installations (Desktop)1355
Installations ("Service")0022
Number of devices5UnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestricted
Update periodUnrestricted1 year1 year1 year
Telephone SupportUnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestrictedUnrestricted
Database JanDB / Derby DBxxxx
Manual Reportsxxx(2)x(2)
Graphical Programmingxxx(2)x(2)
Database Support MS SQL(1) / MySQL(1)-xxx
Automatic Read-out-xxx
Virtual Device-xxx
User Administration-xxx
Scheduling: Times-xxx
CSV Data Import-xxx
RCM Report xxx
Scheduling: Periods--xx
PQ Reports- xx
Automatic Excel Export--xx
Generic ModBus Report--xx

Graphical Programming Building Block
(Write / Read Modbus)

Automatic Reports--x(2)x(2)
Online Recording--xx
Alarm Management--xx
REST Interface--xx
Web Visualization GridVis®Energy---x

(1) SQL databases are not included in the scope of the delivery.
(2) Only works in conjunction with a GridVis installation on the desktop.



Compatibility between GridVis Service Edition and GridVis Desktop Versions

Make sure that the version number of the GridVis Edition "Service" corresponds to your desktop edition!
A desktop edition e.g. with the version number 7.2.20 expects a service edition with the version number 7.2.20.

A desktop edition (such as GridVis Professional) with version number 7.2.20 works with Service Edition 7.2.20.
A desktop edition (such as GridVis Professional) version 7.2.20 does not work with Service Edition 7.2.81.


Number of Devices:
Maximum number of simultaneously charged devices (e.g. in the basic version: one project with 5 devices or 5 projects with one device).

Update period:
Within the update period you can install new GridVis verisons free of charge.

Automatic Read-out:
Device read-out according to configured schedules

Online Recording:
The GridVis software extracts measurement data from devices without storage.

Edition "Service":
Starting with the "Service" edition, the GridVis software has a service that

  • runs in the background and starts automatically without a user login.
  • automatically reads out the measuring devices independent of the time.

A desktop installation is required for configuration and data processing.