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New Functions


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UMG 801 device integration

Modular energy measurement device

The UMG 801 modular energy measurement device is ideally suited for complete coverage of an energy management system (according to ISO 50001). Various communication interfaces and protocols (e.g OPC UA) enable direct and manufacturer-independent data transmission to higher-level systems, eliminating the need for costly integration. The measuring points can be subsequently extended to 92 measurement channels thanks to modular, easily integrated current measuring modules.

In addition, remote measuring points can be connected with the 800-CON transfer modules. This allows you to bridge distances of up to 100 m using cabling.

  • Connectivity: Future-proof communication through various interfaces and protocols.
  • Modularity: Reduced error sources through Plug & Play solution.
  • Data security: Secure communication through OPC UA security structures.
  • Scalability: System expansion through flexible scaling to up to 92 current measurement channels.

Measurement devicesBasic7.4.0

New device configurator and new device structure for modular measurement technology

Configure and manage modular measurement units

With GridVis® 7.4, you can now also easily configure and manage modular measurement units, such as the UMG 801 energy measurement device. The GridVis® device tree expands by one additional level, which is available for the modular subunits. The software thus provides a structured overview of the physical structure, and the required measurement data can be found quickly if required.

The device configuration of GridVis® 7.4 has also been optimized for modular use and offers a new intuitive interface (example image).
The new configuration interface is currently only available for the UMG 801, however, in the future, it will be also be extended to many other measurement devices.



Event browser

Professional tool for events and transients

Short-term interruptions, overcurrents and transients can disrupt or even shut down electrical systems and electronic components. In case of an error, it is crucial to quickly and reliably locate the cause or source of the error. With Janitza measurement technology, combined with GridVis® software, all measurement data can be quickly retrieved and evaluated. The event browser also provides you with a quick overview of events, including the graphical evaluation of events and transients. Time correlations are immediately apparent and help with the analysis. 

Note: The event browser can be called up in GridVis Desktop and GridVis Energy. As of the “Professional” edition, a useful multiple selection of devices can be used.



Utilization report

Keep an eye on system utilization

With the new utilization report, rated currents over the entire power supply with primary and secondary distributors are displayed and evaluated. The report displays the utilization of all selected measuring points in the previously selected period in tabular form in percentages and as an absolute value. Violations of limits, excessive capacity utilization and reserves are visible at a glance. The report allows you to freely configure related supplies so that redundant pairs or room totals can also be visualized.  


Data exportsService7.4.0

Active directory support

Integrate user management into existing infrastructure
Active Directory allows you to link GridVis® user management with the Windows user management. All users who have GridVis® access can log in with their Windows user name and Windows password. There is no need for having a double password. Administrators can centrally control roles (user right groups) in the Active Directory administration.
User managementService7.4.0

MSCONS data import expansion

Integrate load profile and meter measurement data

With the data import expansion, MSCONS data can be imported into the database. Measurement data of the energy supplier can be monitored and can be compared or analyzed with your own measurement data.
Data importService7.4.0



 Short textComponentSubjectDate

The technical support of MySQL database administrations is limited. Therefore, we only recommend using MySQL databases if you have sufficient expertise. Our support staff are trained in MSSQL and JANDB databases and will gladly assist you with installation and administration.






Optimizations and bug fixes (Change Log)


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Functional enhancement - UMG 801 supportDevices

GridVis Desktop


Bug fixes project importProject administrationGridVis Desktop


Functional enhancement - UMG 801 new device configuration


GridVis Desktop


Functional enhancement - active directory support

User administration

GridVis Desktop


Bug fixes commissioning reportData exportsGridVis Desktop 7.4.0
Functional Enhancement - utilization report

Data exports

GridVis Desktop


Functional enhancement - new event browser

Events, transients

GridVis Energy


Bug fixes system variables RCM 202-ABDevicesGridVis Desktop


Bug fixes event listEventsGridVis Desktop


Bug fixes new energy invoiceData exportsGridVis Desktop


Functional Enhancement - MSCONS import

Data import

GridVis Desktop





Subject to technical changes.
The content, performance features and diagrams provided in the software description are not always reflective of the actual cases and will change, e.g. with the ongoing development of the software. The content has been compiled with the utmost care and is based on the latest information available to us. Errors cannot be excluded.
The desired performance features and delivery conditions are only binding if these are expressly agreed upon when the contract is concluded.
The trade names, brand names and trade descriptions are subject to the guidelines of the respective manufacturer. Janitza electronics GmbH does not guarantee to keep this software description up-to-date. For further current information and specifications, see


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