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Migrating older project databases into current GridVis


GridVis utilises a current database structure in the management of your project data. Therefore reading in projects from older versions of GridVis requires the existing databases to be migrated.
The migration process can take several hours or days depending on the size of the databases and this will create a high workload for the computer system. For this reason please inform your administrator and create a backup of the database and ensure that you have at least 20% free space on the hard drive before starting with the conversion process!

create project backup

Before you switch to the next higher GridVis version, create a backup of your projects.


Migrating the database:

  • Inform your administrator before the migration and create a safety copy of the respective database.
  • Start the GridVis software.
  • If the installation of GridVis is an updating of an existing GridVis installation, then the projects created will be shown marked in the project window. Projects that are loaded subsequently and which require to be migrated will be similarly identified..
  • Log in for the migration process for databases (cf. "Logging In" or "User administration"). To do so you must be a member of the "Admin", "Project admin" or "DB admin" group (role) (with the right "Migrate Database",  "cf." Roles and rights").
  • If the project window and/or overview window are closed, open the project window and the overview window at the start of the migration.  
  • Use the mouse to select a project marked in red (migration required) and start the assistant via the "Migrate database" link in the overview window.
  • After reading the information, start the migration of the database via the "Start" button in the "Migration information" dialogue window. The progress of the migration is shown in the status bar in the GridVis main window - the migration can take several hours depending on the database.

    If the dialogue window is closed prematurely with "Close" then the migration of the database continues in the background. Premature closing of the GridVis software or, for example, a power failure will result in the migration having to be started anew.
  • The completion of the migration is indicated with a green tick in the "Migration information" dialogue window. After the migration is complete close the assistant with the "Close" button.
    The marking of the selected projects in the project window is removed and the project is identified as "Ready".



Fig.: Marked migration projects


Fig.: Migration information for the selected project.
The migration of the database is implemented with "Start".


Fig.: Migration successful

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