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General Description

Starting with Version 7.2, the web interface of GridVis (GridVis-Energy) features the function "Restart Server".
The function "Restart Server" is needed e.g. in order to

  • reload configurations in GridVis.
  • load configurations that require a restart of the service.


The function "Restart Server" is experimental and has not yet been registered in Windows.

Ill.: The button for "restarting" the server in the footer of the web interface



How do I open the function?

  • Click on the button "Navigation"in the navigation bar.
  • In the drop-down list "Settings"click on the entry"System".
  • You will find the button "Restart" in the footer of theregistries "Server", "Projects"and"License"for the function "System".
  • Clicking on the button "Restart" will restart your configured server from a Yes/No query.
    Please note: After a server restart, the system will log you out. To continue using the GridVis-Energy software, first log on to the system again!



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