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New Functions

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UMG 801 - Configuration of "Events and Transients"

Quality assurance of electrical energy - made simple!

The user-friendly and clear UMG 801 device configurator of GridVis supports you in the "Measurement" section with the configuration for recording events and transients for "Current", "Voltage" and "Frequency".

You record "events and transients" with minimum effort and control tolerance and limit values of the respective parameters according to your specifications. In combination with the Event Browser, which provides a graphical evaluation of "events and transients", you have a comfortable and professional tool for the capturing of events and transients.

UMG 801 -
Events and transients

Live measured values as table columns in the "WEB" device overview

Live measured values at a glance!

Add your live measured values as table columns in the "WEB" device overview without much configuration effort.
This function allows you to create lists with your current measured values including information and thus have control and an overview in a central location.

Device overviewStandard & Expert

New graph function in the "WEB"

Call up graphs via the quick action in the "WEB" device overview and analyze historical values with the new graph function.

GraphsStandard & Expert

Data exports in the "WEB"

Access created data exports directly from the Reports menu in the web user interface.

Data exports created in GridVis Desktop can be called up directly via the web user interface. The call is made via the Reports menu. 
To call up the individual documents, the data export must have been executed with the current version.

Data exportStandard & Expert

Free GridVis® edition "Essentials"

In addition to the new GridVis® editions "Standard" and "Expert", there is now also the free edition "Essentials"!

The "Essentials" edition replaces the "Basic" edition. It offers the possibility to configure devices and provides simple tools for data and power quality analysis.
To use the edition "Essentials" you need your personal Janitza ID, which you can create for free at

Detailed information on the GridVis® software and an overview of the respective scope of functions of the individual editions can be found at

GridVis® editions


Test phase for the GridVis® edition "Expert":

  • Test the full functionality of the GridVis® edition "Expert" for 30 days free of charge with your Janitza-ID!
  • Integration of up to 100 items!

Detailed information about the GridVis software at

GridVis® editionExpert

Device overview in the GridVis Energy

With the new device overview, you can create as many device lists as you want to keep track of your devices at all times. The customizable columns of these lists mean that you always have the information you need at your fingertips. With the help of the extensive search and filter function, you can find the devices you are looking for immediately.



Device overviewStandard

Meter reading report

In combination with the corresponding measuring points (for example UMG 96PA-MID +), the ZSG report supports you in defining the amount of electricity for exemption from the EEG surcharge. The report supports the delimitation of self-consumers or third-party consumers as well as the deliberate subordination.

The report contains, among other things:

  • the calculation of all quarter-hourly work values for the entire time range of all devices (maximum 1 year).
  • up to 5 user-defined EEG privileges.
  • A clear evaluation of the status of the individual 15-minute values (valid, invalid, not synchronized).
Data exportStandard

Event Browser extended

The Event Browser, introduced with version 7.4, has been improved in many details. In particular, there are new options for the graphical display of events, such as the CBEMA curve or the display of the limit value. Furthermore, the performance of the application has been greatly improved.

Events and transients


UMG 96 PA & UMG 801 in GridVis Energy

Since version 7.4, you configure the UMG 801 using the new device configuration. With the new GridVis 7.5, this interface is also available for the UMG 96 PA. Both devices can now also be configured using the GridVis web application. You call up the configuration in the web application via the new device overview.


Device configurationStandard

New database actions

The following actions have been added for better database management:

  • delete alarms for time range
  • delete alarms for emitter
  • purge database
  • restore devices marked as deleted

Optimizations and bug fixes (Change Log)


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New function: EssentialsLicenseGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.62

Bug fixes: Online recorderOnline recorderGridVis-Web7.5.61

Bug fixes UMG 801: device treeDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.61

New function: Übersicht - data exports in the "WEB"Data exportGridVis-Web7.5.61

Function modification RCM 202-AB: DI / DO stateDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.61

New function data export: license informationData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.61

Bug fixes KPI: print functionKPIGridVis-Web7.5.61

Function upgrade UMG96-PA: Time sync slave devicesDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.61

Bug fixes data export: export measured values ​​V2Data exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.61

Function upgrade UMG 801: Events and transientsEvents and transientsGridVis-Desktop7.5.60

New function: 30-day test phase for GridVis®-Edition "Expert"LicenseGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.60

Function upgrade UMG 801: RCM settingsDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.60

Function upgrade device overview in the WEB: Live values ​​as a columnDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.60

New function: Graph function in the WEBGraphGridVis-Web7.5.60

Function upgrade UMG 96-PQ-L: 3-wire measurementDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.60

Function upgrade UMG 96-PA: Firmware update via web user interfaceDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.60

Bug fixes Dashboard: Live valuesDashboardsGridVis-Web7.5.44

Bug fixes: Online recorderOnline recorderGridVis-Web7.5.44

Bug fixes UMG96PA-MID / MID+: Device configurationDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.44

Bug fixes: Virtual deviceDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.42

Bug fixes: Display of live values ​​in dashboardsDashboardsGridVis-Web7.5.41

Bug fixes: Active Directory in the " Expert" edition Active DirectoryGridVis-Desktop7.5.41

Bug fixes: Device list exportDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.41

Bug fixes: MaLO-IDDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.41

Bug fixes: Graph for state counter energy recordingGraphGridVis-Desktop7.5.41

Bug fixes data export: Load reportData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.40

Bug fixes: Admin password with special charactersDatabasesGridVis-Desktop7.5.40

Function upgrade: UMG 96-PQ-LDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.40

Bug fixes: Active DirectoryUser administrationGridVis-Desktop7.5.26

Bug fixes MSCONS: Data formatData importGridVis-Desktop7.5.26

Bug fixes Event Browser: Display errorEvents and transientsGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web


Bug fixes data export: Consumption billingData exportGridVis-Desktop
Function upgrade UMG 96-PA: Easy gateway compatibilityDevicesGridVis-Desktop
Bug fixes virtual device and database action: Device replacementDevices/DatabaseGridVis-Desktop7.5.22
Bug fixes: Device overview in the WEBDevice overview in the webGridVis-Web7.5.21
Bug fixes: Home dashboardDashboardsGridVis-Web7.5.21

Function modification KPI: New time periods 15 minutes, 1 and 6 hours are supported

Bug fixes virtual device: Intervall measurementsDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.21
Funktionsänderung data export: measurement export V2 several time bases are supportedData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.21
Function upgrade data export: Export measured values V2 free period selectionData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.21
Function modification data import: Time periods of 1 and 5 minutes are supportedData importGridVis-Web7.5.21
Bug fixes: Alarm view in the WEBAlarm managementGridVis-Web7.5.20
Bug fixes: UMG 801: Live valuesDevicesGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.20
Bug fixes: SSL Certificate ADUser administration / encryptionGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.20
Function improvement data import (DI): performanceData importGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Function modification virtual device: Function assistantDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Function upgrade UMG 801: Grid settings configuration cardDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade: Scaling of user-defined valuesDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Function upgrade UMG 96-PA: Residual current limit value configuration in the WEBDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade UMG 96-PA: Power grid configuration card expanded to nominal valueDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade UMG 96-PA: Configuration card passwordsDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade UMG 801: Firewall SFTPDevicesGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade: Static residual current limit value in web configuration for 96-PA seriesDevice configurationGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade: Dynamic residual current limit value in web configuration for 96-PA seriesDevice configurationGridVis-Web7.5.20
Function upgrade active directory: Self-signed certificatesActive DirectoryGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Bug fixes data exports: E-mail dispatchData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Function upgrade UM 96-PA: Transfer to several devicesDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Function upgrade Description: Text is saved on the UMG 96-PADevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.20
Bug fixes: Device overview in the WEBDevice overview in the WEBGridVis-Web7.5.9
Bug fixes: Home dashboardDashboardsGridVis-Web7.5.9
Bug fixes: OPC UA client OPCGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.4
Bug fixes: Virtual deviceDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.4
Bug fixes UMG 96RM-E: Data recordingDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.4
Bug fixes UMG 96-PA: Limit settingDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.4
Bug fixes: alarm managementAlarm managementGridVis-Desktop7.5.4
Function upgrade ProData II: Channel name displayDevicesGridVis-Desktop7.5.4
Bug fixes data export: Export measured values V2 period selectionData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.4
Bug fixes: OPC UA client OPCGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.2

Function upgrade data export: Export measured values V2 period selection

Data exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.2
Bugfixes user administration and dashboardsUser administration / dashboardsGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.2

Bug fixes: Naming data exports

Data exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.1
Function upgrade web device overview: s/n filterWeb device overviewGridVis-Web7.5.0
Function upgrade rcm settingsDevice configurationGridVis-Desktop7.5.0
Bugfixes Active DirectoryActive directoryGridVis-Desktop7.5.0
Bugfixes phase to phase flicker in reportsData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.0
Function upgrade energy recording reportData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.0
Function upgrade web device overview drag &drop functionWeb device overviewGridVis-Web7.5.0
Bugfixes user administrationUser administrationGridVis-Desktop7.5.0
Function modification web device overview: filter selection revisedWeb device overviewGridVis-Web7.5.0
function upgrade data export measurement export v2 energy selectionData exportGridVis-Desktop7.5.0
Bugfixes email alarm managementAlarm managementGridVis-Desktop / GridVis-Web7.5.0

Subject to technical changes.
The content, performance features and diagrams provided in the software description are not always reflective of the actual cases and will change, e.g. with the ongoing development of the software. The content has been compiled with the utmost care and is based on the latest information available to us. Errors cannot be excluded.
The desired performance features and delivery conditions are only binding if these are expressly agreed upon when the contract is concluded.
The trade names, brand names and trade descriptions are subject to the guidelines of the respective manufacturer. Janitza electronics GmbH does not guarantee to keep this software description up-to-date. For further current information and specifications, see

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